Voice Talent

Voices over presentations are the specialty of Bharat Infotech. For this Bharat Infotech have pool of talented voice over artiest. All these are experienced FM artiest with born voice talent. We can offer male / female voice of your choice with various voice accents. These artiest are recorded in Professional Studio for maintaining voice quality. We can also arrange the multilingual voice over recording to suit the local requirement of presentation. We help client to choose the voice for their presentation depending upon the type of presentation and target audience, for example for industrial presentation we recommend male voice with base and for corporate presentation we suggest to have female voice. These artists are well trained and knowledgeable, they make run time correction while recording the script thus provide flaw less voice input for multimedia presentation. They take care of

  • appropriate pace
  • accent
  • Base
  • Stress on selected
  • Mood

as per demand of presentation. We welcome client to be the part this recording and can schedule the recording at convenience time. You can check for any special pronunciation, extra highlight and pace as per your wish.