E Learning

Development in Information technology has helped human being in lot's of fields. Even education is getting better because of technology enhancement. Computer Based Teaching (CBT) has now become the most interesting tool of education. CBT can show the models, help in laboratory experiments and show the live motion of the objects. CBT puts life in education and makes it very interesting for the students. Bharat Infotech can make the valuable CBT of any subject. So far we have developed CBT for Biology, CBT for Mechanics, CBT for Geography and CBT for English. We put video, sound, 2D - 3D objects and motions along with the animation in CBT as per subject requirement. We even make the CBT for Kid schools by keeping the level of understanding of kids in mind. We add the knowledge based games, quiz and play way of learning alphabets, mathematic, simple counting etc. Samples of any CBT are available on demand.

  • K12/School level: we provide the CBT on most of the K12/School level subjects. This include majorly science based subjects and language learning. We can provide WBT solution and CBT solution based on book/matter provided. Most of the major animations are made by us and for few we take the help of the experts of subject which either may be from client site or from our site depending upon the contract terms. The sole aim of these E learning modules is to make subject easy to understand and interesting. The whole design and information offering is decided after taking care of level and age group of target students. We will be happy to share our existing work with you for reference and provide you the detailed report for your requirement.
  • Engineering: The field of engineering demands in depth knowledge and lot’s of practical to understand the concept, functionality and theory. We offer engineering CBT which can help students understand the theory well and do the practical even without lab. We provide simulation to practical and let student attempt it number of times without using the real equipments/instruments. We got successful implementation of Electronics practical for diode, amplifier and other electronics components. We may offer the virtual labs, theory teaching modules and e book for most of engineering subjects. You can check some of our developed lab experiments in demo section.
  • Machine simulation: There are several places where machine need to be shown to users, engineers and fresher to make them understand the functionality and principle of working. Bharat Infotech can provide number of 2D and 3D solution for helping you out in displaying your machine. Our machine simulation animation can make viewer understand the functionality, process and how to use the machine. This simulation is also very useful while developing new machine, showing machine demo without taking or actually running it. This virtual machine can closely follow the real machine functioning and can actually even let user operate through it’s virtual functionality to give look and feel of real machine operation.
  • Animation: Flash animation is the forte of Bharat Infotech. We design almost every type of animation to suit the subject like E cards, short stories, kid learning, viral video etc. The process of animation is started from making character, elements and environment and then giving them lives. These designed animations can be a great tool for spreading the messages in interesting way. Most of 2D animation and line character / animation is used to convey the idea . We can develop the whole story with these animated characters. You can either provide your own character or we can help you to choose from our vast library of characters to suit your requirement.