Integrated Management Software

Increasing productivity has been a primary concern for every company and a need of an application was felt to facilitate communication and feedback mechanisms in concurrence with your employees to ensure that their efficiency and productivity increases big-time. Integrated Marketing Software( IMS)by Bharat Infotech is developed keeping this very need in mind. We’re sure this cloud based IMS is going to be a boon in disguise for you and your company by helping you keep a tab on your employees’ work and progress on a daily basis.


  • Automatic conyenace calculation
  • Expected Business amount executive wise
  • Deal Progress report
  • Task manager
  • Record of amount spent client wise
  • Future meeting reminders
  • Track of marketing executives
  • Daily report for management
  • Executive meeting history
  • Centralized panel for all marketing activities, material & information
  • Phone friendly features
  • Desktop, tablet & smart compatible
  • Knowledge base
  • In built proposal mailing engine
  • Record of meetings & proposals

Requirements to start with IMS

  • Email ids , Phone numbers & user type
  • Introduction mail, related PDF .
  • Targeted Industries type.
  • Type of products, their specification, color chart & other related information.
  • Bank account details.
  • Customer list.
  • Rate of conyenace for bike / for car /other vehicle
  • Bcc id for sending all proposal mails, being sent by market team.
  • Logo of company in high resolution.

More Information : Integrated Management Software (IMS)