BPO services for small and medium business

Small & medium businesses are impacting our economy. SMB section is growing and playing important role in Indian economy but Small businesses have their own challenges. They always look for more time, money & resources. Bharat Infotech understands their need and working for their success from last 10 years. During our journey of these years we seen problems, we discussed SMB challenges and offered various solutions. With vast knowledge of processes, IT enabled solutions, time & money saving techniques Barat Infotech introduced " BPO services for Small & medium Organization"

There are number of small work which are although not your niche but you have to do that because it's part of your business. Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO ) is well established practice which is majorly used by all big businesses around the world. So far BPO is considered business practice for corporates or big institution but Bharat Infotech is here to break this myth.

Bharat Infotech is a well-known name in the industry with experience of more than 10 years. We offer BPO services for small and medium business. Our earlier SMB solutions were equally popular and helped many small & medium businesses around the world. You can also take benefits of our services for short or long period even hourly also. Our team is ready with all required hardware , software, technical expertise and men power so all you need to do is call us and discuss the requirement with one of our account manager and you are good to go in 3 working days.

Following Services can be undertaken by Bharat Infotech

  • Outsource Data/Admin

1. Data entry/ Record entry
2. Data filtering
3. Help desk of your company
4. Quality survey on behalf of your company

  • Outsource Marketing
  • 1. PPT making
    2. Marketing data digging / extensive web research / making of database
    3. Information finding online
    4. Lead Generation through digital marketing
    5. Meeting setting
    6. Designing & Sending out Emailers on regular basis on behalf of company
    7. Designing of marketing material
    8. Managing marketing team with appointment setting
    9. Maintain database of your customers, reminder services through email, phone, SMS
    10.Managing your social media network like facebook, twitter, Linked in etc.
    11. Competition study
    12. First interaction with your leads to give filtered ready to buy qualified leads ( like calling/mailing to list of contacts received after exhibition & initial follow up)
    13. Lead Follow ups Getting forms filled with your customers
    14. Product/service awareness through digital media/PR

  • Outsource Content
  • 1. Content writing
    2. Speech Writing
    3. Web pages
    4. Presentation script
    5. Press releases
    6. Blogs & Articles

You can contact us for any of above services which you would like to outsource and we would glad to provide our BPO services specially designed for Small & medium businesses  to save your time, money and resources.