Ingredients for a good presentation

Presentations are inarguably the best of all ways to showcase your business, company or products. It helps people understand the message and content well through voice, animation, images and videos. More than a website, a presentation can share most about your subject in a very less time with the most effective way possible. However, a presentation can turn out to be a disaster also, if not developed properly. There are certain ingredients which in appropriate proportion can help you get a good presentation for your product or service.

Understanding of Target Audience

The very first thing when you decide to come up with presentation is the actual understanding of your target-audience. For a builder, target-audience could be dealers or end-users who want to buy property, for an educational institute, students or their parents become the target-audience and for financial advisory company, the target-audience could be investors. The basic understanding of the target-audience helps you prepare a presentation with the requisite elements garnering its utmost and immediate attention. See how Makemytrip has made its presentation where the target-audience comprised people wanting to see India/travel to India:

Layout & color choice for presentation

A Presentation must depict the industry you belong to. The look and feel, colour-choice and image-selection are very important while designing your presentation. There are certain colours which do not suit for particular subject or industry. A company which deals in water-based product usually goes for light blue, an IT company prefers dark blue and white, whereas fashion products or high-end products are generally presented in black, grey and white combination. Discuss with your presentation-designers about your industry, help them understand your products well and go through various competitive websites, brochures and print media-products before deciding upon presentation-colours or layout. Following is the example of Aska Equipments Ltd. which deals in Light Towers and thus has chosen yellow & black representing the industry-colours.

Design & connectivity with product

It is equally important to communicate about your work, product and service in the very first glance of presentation. A real feel and immediate underlying connectivity on the base of few well-thought inputs makes it more interactive and receptive for the target-audience. Facets related to your business or products, application of products or merely a subtle indication of offered services through your layout gives you a jump-start for sure. Spaces Architect presentation hits bull's eye with their design & elements.

Voice and Music

Presentations are always excellent with voice & music. Multimedia presentations with voice & music can leave the most desirable impact on audience. With the platforms like Flash or Video, you can certainly use these communication-centric features. Again choosing appropriate music vis-à-vis product/service is crucial. A light Piano music is apt for high-end product-presentation whereas a beating music is good where you are about to launch a product belonging to a specific industry. Furthermore, background music, if properly chosen, adds value to your presentation. Choosing a right voice for the voice-over is equally important. For heavy industry/products, a male voice with a heavy base is appropriate whereas for an idea-presentation or beauty products, you may like to go for the female voice. Above points may work as guidelines and help you get fitting presentation for your business and initiative.

Above points may work as guidelines and help you getting appropriate presentation for your business.