Recherche Digital share price

Rs 16.89

07 Dec 2016 - 17:38 IST
*As per the audited report 2016.


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Recherche Digital shares are not traded on any Market or in Public. It is privately held company and information here is only meant for investors i.e Directors purposes. The shares have been live in India since Dec 2016

Share Last (December 26 2017) High (December 26 2017) Low (June 25 2017) (+/-) % Volume
Recherche Digital Pvt Ltd 10 16.89 10 +6.89 60.89% 10,000

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December 26 2017 Q 3 2017 revenue Request copy
September 14 2017 Q 2 2017 revenue Request copy
June 25 2017 Q 1 2017 revenue Not available

Govt of India, Awarded "Start up India" to Recherche Digital Pvt Ltd

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