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Difference between flash presentation & PPT presentation

The beauty of both the forms of presentations, PPT and Flash-based, lies in their usage mainly. We have a number of clients who have opted for both the kinds of presentations. They have well-understood the importance & benefits of presentations. We even believe that the presentations are always better than a website. Following are few suggestions to decide which of them or all the platforms are suitable for your business.

PPT: PPT is one the most renowned platforms of presentation and is used by nearly all the people in the business at one time or other. One of the best aspects of this platform is its flexibility. You can easily make the presentation & make changes as and when required. A number of copies can be made of the same PPT with small variation by copying the file or adding few slides here and there. However, regardless of its flexibility, ease & popularity, it still lacks advanced features like voice-synchronization with effects, advanced animations, 2-D-animations, machine simulations, advanced text-animation and video & action-script functions.

Advantages of a PPT:

  • Can be designed in short time
  • Flexible platform
  • Easy to edit afterward
  • Universal support for running
  • Can be explained by the presenter
  • Good education-tool Good education-tool

Flash: This is one of the most advanced presentation making-platform with loads of features. Its layer-style-programming makes almost everything possible. It can take multimedia like voice, video, images and almost all kinds of effects in its fold. The action-script makes it more robust and you can easily make various animations, calculations & games in it. However, the support of the same is not universal. The Out-File for the same is .swf, .exe or movie-format. The movie format may be universal but it causes to lose its interactivity.

Some of the prominent advantages of a Flash-based presentation:

  • High level of interactivity
  • If used with the voice, it can explain the concept itself without any requirement of the presenter
  • It can incorporate most of the media-forms like image, video, animation, scripting etc.
  • Advanced presentations made on this platform look flawlessly professional
  • Perceived as a more serious effort of presentation and has the added advantage of cost-effectiveness e

Where to use the PPT & where to use the Flash-based presentation

  1. Use a PPT when you need a quick & flexible solution as you know you have to change the content frequently.
  2. Use a Flash-based presentation when you want a "Sales Man" for your business! It explains each and everything and is a complete solution by itself.
  3. Use a Flash-based presentation when the concept is a bit complex and when you have to convey the concept to the target-audience without anyone accompanying the presentation! A Flash-based presentation is a complete resource by itself and saves your other resources.
  4. In the initial stages of the business, send the PPT as your first communication giving a small brief and later, send or present a Flash-based presentation as your second communication. This enables you to present to your customer/client two different presentations and gives your impression as a more professional entity as you have different presentations and platforms for multiple stages of the meeting.
  5. You can use a Flash-based presentation for educational software where its working with voice and screen-shots gives a demo without even sharing credentials.
  6. You can definitely go for a PPT when there is a budget-constraint. While a Flash-based presentation is a bit costly, an average PPT can be designed at the smallest of the costs.
  7. A Flash-based presentation may be used for the elite and selected clients where you want to leave an impression with your creativity & interactivity. A PPT has its own limitations and lacks multimedia-support or interactivity.

All-in-all, there are a number of various usages of PPTs & Flash-based Presentations respectively and both have their own importance.