Time-length of a presentation

Time-length of a presentation

How long a flash-based or multimedia presentation should be? People in creative world always are confronted with this question. But, if you have the basic premise of presentations in your mind clear, the answer to this question gets clear as well for you.

The basic need of a presentation is to clinch the business in your favour and its duration must correspond to the need appropriately. But in a generic term, presentations of shorter time-length make effective presentations. You have got to drive the gist of your business, products, services or initiative. If it is done in one minute, so, let it be a one-minute-presentation. You have got to know what is going to hit your target-audiences most; you show it to them, your purpose is achieved. The presentation must carry this point loud and clear. The time-length hardly matters.

time-length make effective presentation

After making your core clear, you don't have to drag the presentation with your long-winded profile or a lengthy elaboration of your products or services. Protracted and wordy contents hardly make impressions. Details of your business must be put in a presentation with an eye on the target-audience's satisfaction-measures. Sometimes merely two or three features of your offer can secure a deal for you and your presentation must contain those two or three features only with a dint of creativity.

Here is one elevator pitch for your reference

And more importantly, now-a-days, time comes at premium. Every one of us has less time to spare. Your target-audience also would like to know the main points of your business in a jiffy. Precise and Concise are the mantras for a presentation these days, duration is insignificant.

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