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Start-up Presentation: 8 Points to put in

1. Small and Informative

Start-up presentations should be small and informative. They should be small, because investors are generally busy with watching different presentations in order to make their decision about where and when to invest. And they should be informative containing the very idea and roadmap of your start-up business in a lucid manner. Some important ingredients of these presentations would be:

2. Introduction

The introduction should clearly state the name of your business, an expressive tagline, if any, and the logo. If possible, present a synopsis of all the facts you are going to present in the Introduction. The Introduction must trigger a sudden interest in your target-audience, i.e. investors.

Introduction - Dawat Rice Presentation

3. Your Team

Investors get assured when they see a talented and committed team working in tandem. After all, the success of a business depends heavily on the people who are involved in it. Present your team elaborately!

Your Team

4. Concept

Making the concept clear to them must be the crux of your presentation. Investors would like to know how your products or services are going to meet the demands in the market. Facts and figures can back up your explanation.


5. Marketing Plans

Market-prospects are essential for these investors. An analysis of the prospective clients of your products or services is a must. A revenue-centric roadmap and future plans and projections always come handy to attract investors. Your growth as a company and reach to customers till date are also important elements which are sought after by investors.

Marketing Plans

6. Market-competition

Every new product or service faces a stiff competition in the business-market. What separates you from your competitors is the clincher as far as investments from your target-audience are concerned.

Market competition

7. Business Model

A transparent business-model which illustrates how these investors are going to get returns on their investments has to be there. A time-based revenue-generation as per different prices of your products or services is to be shown clearly.

Business Model

8. Fund-chart

Investors draw confidence from investors. They wish to know who have been the investors thus far for your start-up. They wish to know how much fund you expect to extract from them and how you are going to utilize them to bolster your effort. A proper enlistment of all of this goes a long way to convince them deeply.

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