Presentations better than websites: 7 study-proven facts

Presentations better than websites: 7 study-proven facts

In this growingly digital-driven world and a world of information-glut, time-length of our normal attention to something has dipped drastically. Therefore, to expect someone to read through your website to comprehend your business is way too much of an expectation. Being a compressed mode of information, a presentation is more likely to make an impact on your target-audience for sure. Additionally, replete with the audio-visual contents, a presentation is more engaging and interesting than definitely a website which contains bland text-contents and may be few images.

These are 7 facts which vindicate that a presentation is a much better medium to clinch the business for you than a plain website:

7 facts which vindicate that a presentation

1.Studies have shown that our brain processes visual contents more easily.

2.A saying that a picture is worth thousands of words is an accurate fact. In fact, in today's times, if it is video, it is worth millions of words.

3.Dazzling colours and images whet our appetite to see and know something by several notches.

4.Studies on varied audiences have proved that they are more convinced with the fact which is presented through visual components than the one that does not have visual accessories.

5.Fact spoken has a larger and deeper impact than the fact read only. Textual content of presentations generally is spoken by a voice-over artist.

6.Researches one after another have established that we remember 10% of what we hear, 20% of what we read and 70% of what we see. Thus, visuals make a huge and sudden impact on humans. There is no comparison between visuals and texts as far as making impact on audiences is concerned.

7.People watching simplified information and demonstrated examples understand the topic and pursue the required directions and tips faster and better.

presentations better than websites 7 facts

Presentation is the way to go.

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