Presentation: A fair combination of textual content and visual content

Presentation: A fair combination of textual content and visual content

It's certainly a new age as far as uses of texts and visuals in presentations are concerned. Words have always had a significant impact in terms of communication. But today, other tools of communication have also emerged and enjoy a definite space and significance in the presentation-world. That doesn't at all mean that words have lost their charm and pull, but definitely, they are not enough today to involve the audience.

 involve the audience

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Present an amalgamation of textual content and visuals and see the difference! Presentations which have a larger impact on the audience, which have a major conversion-potential from the business-perspective or which trigger a bigger recall in the audience, contain textual content with visuals for sure. Many businesses now understand the power of visuals comprising images, videos, infographics etc. [ Must Read: Some small inputs enhance efficacy of Presentations ] It's fact that these visuals engage you more than a mere collection of words. And engagement is the first step to pass on the information to the target-audience to generate business.

 larger impact vs lower impact on the audience

Researches one after another have proved that our brains grasp visuals quicker than text-material. Our brains analyze visuals much faster than any text. Our eyes can explore more than 35,000 visual depictions per hour. And generally, what we don't feel, our brains gather more than 90% of information through the imagery or visual process.

So, a proportionate combination of textual content and visual content in a presentation is a must to grab the attention of the viewers.

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