PPT: 6 Tips to prepare

PPT: 6 Tips to prepare

PPT is a gripping communication-format for sure.

1. Every word here carries a big meaning and has to be harmonized with the final objective. Every word bears an advertising face here for your business. Your products, services or initiative can be presented simply, in a smaller duration and in a straightforward manner. Simple words are the key.

word cloud

2. A sequential order of the content is of paramount importance, starting with the introduction of your business, its crux, products or services, business-model, financial arrangement, quality-regime and so on.


3. Placing the photographs or images to match the content in every sense is the highest priority. Graphs and graphics have a major role in a PPT. If some data have been shown in the graphs and the graphics; you don't need to write them in the content. Images, graphs or graphics must be aligned to the very content, they must support the gist of the content and that's why they should not be repetitive in terms of the information given.

graphs and the graphics

4. The length of a PPT has to be short which may contain 10-20 slides as per the needs of the clients and each slide must contain fewer words and lots of relevant information with the various kinds of support in images, graphs, graphics and animation, if required.

length of a PPT

5. A PPT's USP lies in the shortness of the format, its quick preparation and the flexibility in the sense that the words or sometimes slides can be altered as and when required.

6. Fine-tuning it with the inputs given by clients makes it more fruitful for them, which is the ultimate objective of any presentation.

Some examples of Before & after slides

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