TAT is an integral part of final customer-experience

TAT is an integral part of final customer-experience

A timely response to customers forms a pivotal part in the overall customer-experience extended to them. Customers ask for a service, make a query or register a request with huge expectations from a company, underneath lies a hope to get the quickest of responses. The average time taken by the company to turn around and respond to them is called its Turnaround Time or TAT. The length of this TAT goes a long way to make customers stay with a company or leave it.

Customers want to get respect, they want their requests to be heard in an earnest manner, they want to feel that they are esteemed. Being ignored is the worst emotion they can bear. Once they are on board with you, they can bear anything but neglect. Your products or services may be of top-tier quality, but if you don’t meet their expectations in responding properly to them in time, you are not going to retain them. Frequent delayed responses lead you to loss of customers and eventually, loss of revenue. Conversely, if you wish to transform into a brand and have an accumulation of dedicated customers, a mechanism must be ingrained in your organization wherein qualitative products or services are backed up by efficient and well-timed customer-responses.

Communication on consistent basis with your customers solves the problem seamlessly. If your organization’s employees are constantly communicating with your clients, who may be there for different requirements, they are always in the know what clients want individually and when they know their individual demands, they can respond aptly on a timely basis after collaborating among themselves. Online modes have solved the matter even more accurately and seamlessly. This is a useful way of keeping record of service-requests, helping both the parties to keep track of demands and responses. Live online-medium becomes a bridge for instant solutions and responses. But as per experiences, customers get full satisfaction when they get to talk to representatives of the company.

TAT to a customer is undeniably an integral part of the final customer-experience delivered by businesses. Sometimes, quicker responses cover the mistakes in the delivery of services, customers are generally so happy with the quickness of the response that they gloss over the mistakes and move ahead.

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