Listening is an art

Listening is an art

Communication is not always what you communicate, it also comprise what you are communicated. In other words, communication is not alone speaking, it also involves listening. In fact, it is said that you don’t learn much when you speak, you learn when you listen. Great achievers have been great listeners.

But listening to others is not an easy task. Patience is a key element here. If you don’t want to listen to something or from someone, you must exercise patience to continue listening. When you start listening, then you also get listened. When you get listened, you consider it a bit of a respect and feel good. In the same vein, you must extend this courtesy to others by listening to them.

Apart from that, an attentive listening brings benefits to you as you may get lots of useful information while listening to others. When a presenter is speaking, he regularly has a look at listeners to gauge their level of attention and interest. He tries several gimmicks to get them listen to him as he knows that only the audience’s patient and participatory listening would bear results. The audience-members also show their involvement by making a transitory eye-contact with the speaker, gesticulating specifically to demonstrate receptiveness and partaking in the event by expressing different mannerisms.

A perfect listening can be exhibited by smiling, frowning, nodding, making varied facial expressions, making different gestures or showing subtle body-movements. Sometimes you half-speak some syllables in a very low pitch to show that you are all the ears. When the speaker is expecting you to speak, by speaking then you confirm that you were listening to him appropriately and you have followed his speech right through.

So, listening to something or to someone is a combination of different personality-traits. It’s an art and can be developed by a purposeful practice.

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