A good presenter must have 7 qualities

Having a good presentation-quality is not a random professional asset; it's an upshot of a hard continuous preparation, basic competence, deep knowledge of the topic and an affable personality. We can find 7 essential attributes in an excellent presenter:

1. A full-fledged preparation is vital. You have to have an insightful order of presentation of the theme in your mind. Your preparation includes deep knowledge of the theme as well. Steve Jobs was undeniably an inspirational presenter. When he spoke, things flowed. He was a complete natural and effortless orator. But he firmly believed in preparation of his speeches.

Steve Jobs was undeniably an inspirational presenter
Though practice before the delivery can be categorized under preparation

2. Though practice before the delivery can be categorized under preparation, yet practice before making the actual presentation has to be mentioned as a separate component of a good presentation-delivery. You may be a great speaker, you may have a deep knowledge of different topics and subjects and you may be a great crowd-puller, but lack of practice of the art can make you flounder at the actual event. As the saying goes, Practice makes a man Perfect; you have to practise regularly to gain and retain the skill of a perfect presenter.

3. Staying away from unsuitable content is a must. You don't have to be long-winded to be a good presenter. In fact, staying to-the-point in communication helps a lot to convey the message to the audience.

Staying away from unsuitable content is a must

4. A simple, concise and precise content with corresponding visual assistance helps you big-time to pass on the crux to the audiences.

5. Speaking the matter at a speed which you understand that it is being gulped by the audiences properly, is the right speed and pitch for you.

involve the audiences in every which way in his presentation

6. A great presenter has to involve the audiences in every which way in his presentation. Eye-contacts with them have to be regular and measured. Body-language, gesticulations and occasional shrugs have to be spot on.

7. Taking stock of the audiences before which you are going to present, is one of the tricks of the trade. If you know them inside-out, you will involve them effortlessly.

If you possess or inculcate these professional assets in you, you have every chance to become a great presenter.

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